A Lover of Questions (luciferian) wrote,
A Lover of Questions

Keeping notes

the 9th anniversary seminar, and the follow up seminar the took place in richmond have concluded. i flew back from richmond sunday night.

when i got back i stopped by the something cold 5 yr anniversary party at nancy whiskey. It was the coolest goth night ever. seriously.

I cut out a bit early to cruise home to the newly purchased mansion on a canal that I now call home.

next year is the 10 year anniversary of the school, it will be the 15th year that I;ve lived in detroit. By that time i'll have 2 children. Who knows what else will be developed. Detroit keeps working out well for me. Now i have to face the new challenge of upping my game to keep pace with the development of the city. Thats a pretty daunting challenge for me personally. I'm too comfortable under the radar. I may actually have to put a sign on the building.
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