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the weekend of my birthday i spent in austin TX at a seminar w Moy Tung. Heavy drinking most of the days there made it surreal, but the sunday night workout was an excelent senior group for a long chi sao session, followed by chi kwan sessions. really gratifying. Had an excellent evening out at a crazy french place called Justines, outdoor with interesting lighting.

The week that followed I took time off from the schools and focussed on recovering, hanging out with the kids, and preparing for a very intense security job.

Over the weekend I ran the security operation for the satanic temple, it was the best party I've ever seen. There were several detroit churches actively attempting to stop the party, so preperations were intense. Everything went off without a hit.

the sunday after I spent the day with the family. At one point I was sitting on a picnic blanket in the back yard cuddling with a nappish baby Nomi. I feel asleep on the ground with her on my chest for at least an hour it was a while. I woke while she still slept, and watched clouds drift overhead while feeling her breath.

My involvement with the temple could end now, but it probably wont. Their cause is just and relevant, and they need me. I'll be in a CNN documentary about the temple by Lisa Ling that will be shown in the fall. We'll see what happens then.
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